Personalised Baby Loss Memorial Ceramic Heart


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Introducing our Personalised Baby Loss Memorial Ceramic Heart, a tender and heartfelt memorial, delicately designed at a thoughtful 3inches size. Crafted with care and compassion, this ceramic heart stands as a timeless tribute to the precious lives that touched our hearts, if only for a moment.

Handcrafted by skilled artisans, the ceramic surface offers a serene backdrop for personalisation. Engrave a name creating a customised remembrance that captures the essence of your emotions. The square format adds a touch of uniqueness, symbolising the love that will forever echo in the corners of our hearts.

Place in a sacred space, this Personalised Baby Loss Memorial Ceramic Heart serves as a comforting reminder of the enduring love we hold for those we’ve lost too soon. Its modest size makes it an intimate and thoughtful gift for those navigating the delicate journey of baby loss.

Embrace the solace and support this ceramic heart offers, allowing it to stand as a symbol of remembrance, unity, and everlasting love. In times of grief, may this beautifully crafted memorial bring a sense of comfort and a gentle reminder that love transcends time and space.

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Ceramic Heart Size

15cm x 15cm, 20cm x 20cm


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