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How to Apply Vinyl Decal?

March 16, 2023

Vinyl decals can be used to personalize and customize items very well! Applying vinyl decals is icing on the cake for your handicrafts. But How to Apply Vinyl Decal correctly? How to apply vinyl stickers? If you are not familiar with applying vinyl decals, like HTV vinyl, adhesive vinyl, or printable vinyl.  you may be a little overwhelmed. This decal application instructions will guide you through the easy five steps to tell you how to apply vinyl decal and how to apply vinyl stickers. Pick up your vinyl decal, a Scraper Tools for Vinyl, and let’s get started!

What is a vinyl decal?

Vinyl decals can easily apply the most complex designs to any surface-from cars to laptops to storefronts. Choose white or black vinyl decals, or full-color stickers of any size or shape. They are very suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

what is a vinyl decal


How to Apply Vinyl Decal?

How to apply vinyl stickers? Applying vinyl decals is easy! How to Apply Decals correctly? Just follow the vinyl decal application instructions below:

Start now, keep up with me. You will know How to Apply Vinyl Decal.

 If you miss a step, you may feel frustrated and may even damage the vinyl sticker, so if you are a novice, be sure to read all the steps first.

How to Apply Vinyl Decal


Five steps to applying vinyl decals:

How to Apply Vinyl Decal?How to apply vinyl stickers? Here are the decal application instructions: Five steps to properly applying vinyl decals:

STEP 1: Clean the surface

Clean the application surface and let it dry completely-rubbing alcohol is recommended.

Make sure your surface is ready for decals. It should be a clean, smooth, and dust-free surface. If necessary, wipe the area before labeling. Before proceeding to the second step, make sure that the area is good and dry.

STEP 2: Peel off the backing

Carefully peel off the paper backing to make sure the vinyl is completely stuck to the tape.
When you receive a decal or sticker, it may be covered with a layer of transfer tape and still adhere to the material backing. Remove the transfer tape and decal from the backing.
Slowly remove the tape from the backing while making sure that the decal does not stick to the backing. If the decal does stick, use a Scraper Tools for Vinyl or a credit card to re-apply the decal to the transfer tape.

how to apply vinyl decal

STEP 3: Align and press

Align the decals and carefully place the decals on the surface.

For precise application, measure and mark the position you want before placing the decal. If you don’t like this placement at first, you can usually tear off the transfer belt and the decal will not stick to the new surface.
Once you are satisfied with the placement, apply the decal. Carefully align the sticker on the top, and then slowly lower it until it lays flat on your surface. If you perform this step in a hurry, you may end up forming bubbles or even wrinkles on the vinyl. Press the tape with your finger to start the application.

how to apply vinyl decal

STEP 4: Smooth

Use a Scraper Tools for Vinyl or a credit card to smooth the design from top to bottom on the surface.

How to apply transfer tape to vinyl? Use a Scraper Tools for Vinyl or credit card to ensure that the vinyl sticks firmly to the surface. Rub the vinyl hard from the middle and press outwards. Make sure you walk all over the surface. You should not see any bubbles.

how to apply vinyl decal

STEP 5: Remove the transfer tape
Starting at the corner, carefully remove the transfer tape by peeling back. And cured for 24 hours before washing.
Take a moment to complete this step. Starting from a corner, slowly pull the tape off your surface. Be careful not to lift part of the vinyl design. If it sticks to the transfer tape, put the tape back on the surface and use the credit card again.

how to apply vinyl decal

Great! Applying vinyl decals is complete! Our decal application instructions is helpful for you! You must have know how to apply vinyl decal.



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